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Vegetarian and Vegan Products

Vegetarian and Vegan Products

For several years Lily Pickles has specialised in Vegetarian and vegan food including:

Ready meals

Ready meals
Ready meals in foil trays suitable for one or two portions depending on your preference and accompaniments. The range includes:

Mediterranean Lasagne
Lentil Cottage Pie Vegan
Cauliflower & Chickpea Gratin

Vegetable chilli Vegan
Potato, onion & mushroom pie Vegan
Ratatouille Pie Vegan
Spinach & mushroom lasagne

and many more.

Cakes, puddings and desserts

Cakes, puddings and desserts
A range of veggie and vegan desserts and cakes including:

Lemon drizzle cake Vegan
Pina colada cake Vegan

Raspberry frangipane

and lots more.

Pastry products

Pastry products
Wraps, galettes, pies including:

Cheese, onion & potato pie
Cheese & onion wrap
Spicy chickpea & feta tart
Garlic mushroom galette
Goat's cheese and leek quiche

Chickpea & vegetable galette Vegan
Curried lentil pie Vegan

and lots more.