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Lily Pickles of Holmfirth Ltd 36 Town End, Golcar, Huddersfield, HD7 4QD, United Kingdom.

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Pies, Pastries, Galettes, Quiches

Pies, Pastries, Galettes, Quiches

Lily Pickles also produces a range of gourmet "baked goods" including Gala pie, Pate en Croute, traditional hand-raised pork pies, Holmfirth pasties (not to be mistaken for Cornish pasties!), savoury pies, dessert tarts, quiches, open pastries, sausage rolls and pates.

And a wide range of Vegetarian and Vegan pastry goods and ready meals packed with flavour!

These lovely products are all hand-made to Lily's famous high standards using local produce as much as possible. Our products are made in our own kitchen in limited quantities in keeping with our traditional, hand-made methods.

Our baked goods range is available for sale on many of the markets and food festivals we attend and also at the shop at 36 Town End, Golcar, HD7 4QD on Fridays from 1 pm.

Some of our pastry goods

Some of our pastry goods

(Lily Pickles in the kitchen, hairnet temporarily removed for reasons of vanity.

Lily's Vegetarian & Vegan Products

* a wide range of vegetarian food including pastry wraps, galettes, pies and ready meals. All part of our growing range of vegetarian products.

* our range of vegan baked goods and ready-meals is very well established with a wide following at our regular markets.